Oriental 100-years-old buildings have been collected by mysterious buyers at a high price

October 15 01:15 2019

Recently, a hundred-year-old building in the Shangxia Hang Cultural Preservation Area of Fuzhou, China, has been privately collected by a mysterious buyer for up to 100 million yuan. Professional analysis, this will be another new “wave” in the world art collection market.

In recent years, the attention of Tibetans at home and abroad to Oriental cultural and artistic works has continued to rise, and the support of Jackie Chan and Guo Ronglin and other celebrities has thoroughly exploded the collection fever of ancient Chinese architecture. There are few ancient buildings available for sale on the market, so even a single set of hundreds of millions can not stop the enthusiasm of collectors around the world. The Haiyuejiangchao’s cultural and conservation ancient buildings have been captured by mysterious buyers at a super high price of 100 million yuan, which once again confirms the value of the Oriental top ancient construction assets and the global warmth.

Ronshine Haiyuejiangchao was awarded the “CHINA-NEW Global Landmark Award” in April this year. It was once praised as “the unique product of Oriental culture” by the global media. Recently, Haiyuejiangchao has been ranked as the “Oscar of real estate industry” – the 2019 MIPIM Asian Award, and won the 14th Golden Pan Award. The influence of world-class landmarks makes the world focus on the orient.

It is reported that there are only 23 ancient buildings with artistic, commercial and cultural values in Haiyuejiangchao. At present, there are only a few precious seats left. Collectors around the world can start in time.

Reception Center of Ronshine Haiyuejiangchao

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