Increasing Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace a Growing Priority for American Companies

October 10 01:51 2019
Increasing Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace a Growing Priority for American Companies

When modern employers are asked about their top priority for the future, there are many who may mention adopting new technology, customer satisfaction, and streamlining processes. However, employee satisfaction is something that has a direct impact on overall business performance, which includes the bottom line. There are many specific reasons that employee satisfaction should be a priority for any company.

Higher Productivity Levels

According to economists working at the University of Warwick, happiness made employees approximately 12% more productive. Unhappy workers have shown to be approximately 10% less productive in their day-to-day activities. This is something that Eatel Business has already considered to help ensure their workers achieve the highest levels of productivity possible.

Determine Engagement Goals in a Realistic Manner

To help bring engagement in life, leaders have to make engagement goals meaningful to their worker’s day-to-day experiences. By describing what success actually looks like by using emotive language and powerful descriptions, there is going to be meaning given to goals and more commitment built among the members of a team. Be sure managers talk about employee engagement at meetings each week, planning sessions, and more.

Improved Collaboration and Creativity

Research has also shown that workers who are happy in their jobs are also more collaborative. They work harder toward a common goal and as a result, achieve higher levels of productivity. More about this can be found by taking the time to click to visit site.

Reduce Turnover Rates

There is no question that the turnover of employees is something that can be extremely expensive. According to recent research, replacing an entry-level employee’s costs between 30% and 50% of the yearly salary earned. For the mid-level employees, it’s up to 15%, and for seniors or more specialized employees, as much as 400%.

Improved Loyalty

Another significant benefit offered by focusing on employee satisfaction levels is that it will improve the loyalty of current employees. Loyalty is a crucial factor for any business, as this is going to help ensure that employees remain faithful to the company and that they continue to work to be more productive than in the past. By ensuring that employees are satisfied in their positions employee turnover, as mentioned above, is going to be reduced significantly.

Business Growth

When a business has happy employees the ability to grow and expand is going to increase. Additional information about how technology advances can help businesses grow can be found at, but employee satisfaction is also a factor that all business owners need to consider. If they want to grow and scale their company, they need employees helping with this goal.

Employee Satisfaction Levels Matter

There’s no question that employee satisfaction levels are a crucial aspect of any business and something that business owners can’t ignore. Be sure to keep this in mind. Doing so is going to ensure that the best possible results are achieved regardless of the type of business in question or the industry.

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