Dual Space introduced the tutorial on How to Log in the Same PUBG Account at the Same Time

September 24 23:12 2019
PUBG Double Access Tutorial

How to log in PUBG at the same time? Using irregular software is easy to be blocked.

Today, I will introduce a simple and safe dual-access method, which requires the use of [Dual Space] and does not collect any personal data. It can be used with confidence!


1. After installing PUBG game, search and install [Dual Space].

2. Open the [Dual Space] folder, then add PUBG to Dual Space, and click [Next].

3. At this time, there will be two PUBG apps in your phone, then you can log in your account at the same time.

4. [Dual Space] can also be used to dual access other software games and social apps. It’s very convenient.

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