Shufti Pro Redefines Brand Identity With a New Logo and Website

September 02 18:24 2019

London, UK – Shufti Pro has rebranded its entire digital profile including its website, logo, web pages, and media kit. The new-look state of the art verification services and features that have been recently launched by Shufti Pro. With new services such as Biometric Authentication, OCR based data extraction, and features like Auto Code Generator, Shufti Pro thought it was time for a graphical rejuvenation.

For years, Shufti Pro has been considered a hallmark of excellence in the digital identity verification market. It has been recognized by several global platforms due to its huge customer base from every corner of the world. Other than securing a noteworthy market share the company has excelled in improving its services.

The aim behind the launch of a new logo and website was to give a new digital identity to the company to depict its values and vision. The colors, typography, shapes, and imagery used are selected in accordance with Shufti Pro’s vision and its enhanced services.

New Logo of Shufti Pro and What it Depicts

The new logo of Shufti Pro depicts the efficiency of its identity verification services. Their old logo symbolized security, solidity, and trust. The new logo goes a step further; it depicts itself as a true eyeful partner. The logo grabs the user’s attention with the perception of an eye scanning people to highlight fake identities among the true ones. The circular symbol with a semicircle around also grants the logo a sense of strategic motion.

Colors and Shapes

Shapes and colors affect the perception of individuals about a company. The new logo uses red and blue as its prime colors. Red being the color of urgency, power and alert, shows the vigilant behavior that Shufti Pro exercises in its identity verification services and also depicts the distinguished place that it holds in the global markets. Blue is a sign of security and reliability that Shufti Pro offers its global clientele.

The circle is the primary shape used in the logo and website. It shows togetherness, stability, and wholeness that are the distinctive features of Shufti Pro.


The typography and imagery are used after a thoughtful process. The combination of bold and slick fonts used gives it a strong, vivid and clear appearance, which is an emblem of safety, fidelity, and trustworthiness.

Iconography and imagery

The customized set of icons used are relevant to the industry giving a sense of relativity to the clients. The images deliver a unique message and are very illustrative, making the overall onsite experience of the clients seamless and productive.

The specialized visualizations add a wow factor to the website. Each and every element of the website and the minute details of the logo are designed in correspondence with the company vision and its exceptional global identity verification services.

Talking about the rebranding Mr. Victor Fredung – CEO of Shufti Pro said that:

“Shufti Pro rebranding was targeted to represent a strategic shift in our performance and service standards. What better means could have been used other than a new logo and a new website to showcase our resolve to become not just one of the leading members of the Identity verification market but THE leading entity of the verification industry. The logo and the website designs depict the core values of company – integrity, trustworthiness, and excellence in services.”

New Website & Improved UI/UX

The launch of a new website is a great effort by Shufti Pro to enhance its brand value. It aims at maintaining long term relations with its customers from every corner of the world. The new website is an effort to achieve this goal. The website is built in accordance with the needs of prospective clients when they visit the company’s website. Interpreting the products and services will be very easy, while the clients will be able to register with Shufti Pro for future insights. Also, a free trial of the identity verification services is just a click away from clients.

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