July 31 18:33 2019
Startup Combines Blockchain Technology, Streaming Services, and Hip Hop, $1.28B Valuation Pre-Launch.

STATEN ISLAND, NY – July 31, 2019 – UPPER WEB BLOCKCHAINS (UpperWeb.io) is a peer-to-peer network of sixty four curated entertainment blockchains, built on InterPlanetary File System, navigated in 3D space via a Unity game engine, organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, integrating ERC20 token standards in a performance based mining pool.

Mumble rap, you say?

Not according to Blockchain experts, they believe UPPER WEB BLOCKCHAINS will introduce millions of new users to the world of blockchain technology overnight, hence the billion dollars plus valuation pre-launch. Upon closer look, it’s not difficult to see where all the hype is coming from, namely: Club Crypto.

Blockchain Pimpin’

Club Crypto is the center piece of the platform. It’s a travelling strip club organized as a competitive league. Each blockchain in the Upper Web is represented by a squad that features twelve Dancers (one representing each house of the zodiac), four Bottle Service Girls (one representing each element of the zodiac) and a House Mother acting as coach. What makes Club Crypto interesting is the integration of the ERC20 token standard. Each squad member has ICO of an ERC20 token aptly named PIMP tokens. PIMP is actually an acronym for ‘Performance Interblockchain Mining Pool’. A PIMP Token represents a share in that performers mining pool. Holders of the token receive a share of all the tips earned by the underlying performer during her Club Crypto shift using the ESMPPS (Equalized Shared Maximum Pay Per Share) pay-out method which equalizes payments fairly among all tokens. The Dancers and Bottle Service Girls do not keep any of their earned tips during a Club Crypto shift, fifty percent of her earnings go into her mining pool and the remaining fifty percent is held in a ‘Pile’ to be distributed to the winning squad at seasons end. Allowing participants to earn dividends by purchasing and holding tokens of a particular stripper or bar tender. The first twelve squads feature some of the top Dancers in the Hip Hop genre and their fans are salivating at the opportunity to “PIMP” their favorite stripper.


The social media component of the platform is called Spacebook. It has all the functionality of a social network that you would expect such as Friends, Followers, Groups, Media Walls and the like. But there’s one cool added feature that may set Spacebook apart for the Facebook’s of the world: VIDEO DRONES! When you navigate to the Spacebook ‘world’ on any particular blockchain in the Upper Web, you’ll be greeted by a Video Drone. The Video Drone will feature exclusive content such as shows, vlogs and music videos starring the women of Club Crypto all with original music produced exclusively for the platform by some of the top names in Hip Hop.


What does Netflix, Hulu, Tidal, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Curiosity Stream, Airconsole, Brown Sugar, ESPN+, Dame Dash Studios, and URL App all have in common? If your Upper Web Blockchains wallet has a total value of $50 you will receive a Blockchain Key. This key will give you a unique username and password for each of the above-named streaming services, a value in excess of $150 monthly if purchased individually.

Silicon Valley start-ups usually begin in the California garage of some tech savvy entrepreneur, or so the legend goes. In contrast, this Hip-Hop Tech start-up was born in a New York City housing project over the past five years. During that time cryptocurrencies have matured and become serious economic instruments, but one fundamental question still dogs the industry: how to use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange in the real world? Some online shops accept payment in crypto, and a few brick-and-mortar businesses have taken the plunge. But no one goes to the club armed with just a digital wallet full of cryptocurrency; no one pays for bottle service that way, either, or tips a dancer.

That all changes on August 3rd

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