PCSchain – The underlying public chain of blockchain, which will create a new ecology of blockchain games.

July 31 00:36 2019

PCSchain is an underlying technology platform jointly established by a group of blockchain researchers and Internet practitioners. PCS chain is committed to creating the essence of letting token ecology regress to technology and application as well as promoting the development of token economy.

PCSchain develops the underlying public chain by using block chain technology, so as to establish a digital token ecologic platform for consumption and payment industry. There will be purer and more complete value circulation and interaction between the producers, developers and game players who energize e-commerce, logistics traceability and game value, thus promoting the further prosperity of the whole application ecology.

Based on the technical architecture support improved by PCSchain, ecological developers will save a lot of development and resource costs: developers only need to focus on the development of core content and logic, so as to let the whole ecology return to the fair competition of innovation, experience, technology and value. Then PCSchain will realize more diversified and abundant application scenarios.

Introduction to PCSchain ecology

1. PCS game ecological engine

Independent research and development aims to solve micro service game engine of block chain business, game side chain + chain exchange + full set of solutions. PCSchain divides various upper business logic into dozens of micro-service systems and applies the principle of distributed business logic to game business and other business requirements. Developers can realize complex game business logic or DAPP business logic through simple micro-service selection and micro-service communication. With the iteration of modular service system of PCSchain, developers can enjoy more and more ecological services that realize various business requirements with one click.

2. PCS game

Create PCSchain, enrich chain game ecology

PCSchain not only includes Oauth but also contains asset wallet, member rights and interests management and other functions. Moreover, it also has functions such as value exchange of cross-chain currency, and realizes a more centralized management level on the basis of decentralization, thus enabling all ecological users of PCSchain to connect and share ecological resources more freely.

3. Developer platform

PCSchain provides unified and complete developer platform services for all developers, enabling developers to connect business ecology efficiently and quickly and realize the circulation between resources and assets.

Meanwhile, the platform builds perfect cross-chain and cross-currency docking services. Developers can not only enjoy the convenience of various resources brought by PCSchain ecology, but also bridge more on-chain and off-chain service systems through the platform, so as to realize the value integration of chain currency.

4. PCSchain economy

PCSchain economy allows individual users or institutions to realize product release, transaction release, activity release, module release and so on through PCSchain publishing platform. PCSchain economy makes an intelligent processing of these businesses, and realizes phased, targeted, paid or free resources release according to the publishers’ intention, integrates PCSchain’s strong staged community system to implement precise distribution services such as low-cost flow testing and directional user pushing. 22% of token will serve as the co-building fund of PCSchain economy.

Introduction to PCSchain project members:

Chen Yang

Founder of PCSchain, community practice expert, has many years of community operation experience, masters millions of traffic resources, and involves in investment, training, Internet and other fields.

Dilip Kumar

Co-founder of PCS chain, PhD in IT, MBA of University of Canberra. Proficient in new intelligent contract processing planning, digital encryption and other information processing.

Bai Shimin

Co-founder of PCSchain, blockchain researcher.

Participated in the development of NEO, ethereum smart contract and DAPP application in the early stage.

Yuan Shaowei

Co-founder of PCSchain, master in finance and digital financial analyst of University of Technology, Sydney

Blockchain business application researcher who is also proficient in various information categorization and Internet solutions.

PCSchain is a distributed game ecological platform based on the block chain technology architecture. With a decentralized structure, PCSchain directly links the components on the whole game ecological chain organically, realizes the direct docking, lossless circulation and safe storage of individual value. At this moment, the world’s work and career are integrated, so PCSchain is a virtual world operating with open standards.

Official website of PCSchain: rrchain.Luxe

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