Complement Ltd Offers Ergonomically Designed Equipments

July 29 23:40 2019
The CEO of Complement John Aabling stated, “Our top priority is to give long-lasting and durable accessories which gives comfort and ease in the working environment as well as the non-working environment.”

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Musculoskeletal disorders are the injuries of the tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs. If we reflect upon the last decade, then there are significant cases registered regarding musculoskeletal injuries. As per the National Safety Council Organization, every seven seconds a worker is injured at the job. (Ref:

Even though numbers are increasing, almost all the disorders are curable if you take the precautions at the right time. There are certain ergonomic accessories available that offer you comfort during the utmost pain.

Ergonomics is the study of work and the environment. With ergonomic accessories provided by the Complement, it gives protection to the employees. Located in the town of Vejle in Denmark, Complement is a stockholding company that manufactures CPU holders, monitor arms, laptop arms, cable trays, sit and stand workstations, glass shelves, and more.

When one emphasizes the ergonomics at the workplace, then the employers will ensure that the workers are protected and healthy. This will automatically improve productivity and thereon save time due to injury.

As much as ergonomic accessories are crucial, one also has to take necessary steps in implementing the physical ergonomics. Therefore, one has to give proper attention to prevent long-term injuries from taking over. Taking a break and walking around every 20 minutes, stretching, staying hydrated, sitting incorrect posture – are some of the physical ergonomic practices.

With the accessories, one can enhance the ambiance of the workspace and create a productive environment. Complement does not only present you the ergonomic accessories, but it also has multiple tech components that enable a sleek and smooth user experience for the professionals.

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