“Holiday Fun in Chengdu” Launches Global Call for Panda Lover

July 30 03:12 2019

Giant pandas have long been “spoiled” by tourists from all over the world as a “national treasure” of China and for their adorable temperament, and have occupied a major position among cute animals around the globe. In this hot summer, the “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” joins hands with the Study Tour Program of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, launching the “Travelling around the World with Pandas” study tour during which participants can get close to giant pandas and experience the special craft of making paper with their green poo-poo. Ten lucky families will get free places to participate. Global tourists, especially those who love giant pandas, are invited to spend a summer vacation in Chengdu.

The Activity Site at Naples

“Holiday Fun in Chengdu” Launches Global Call for Panda Lover

Since the activity was launched on July 23, “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” has given out the “Global Call for Panda Lover”. “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” has collaborated with 4 foreign cities including Prague, Berlin, Naples,Seouland Moscow, as well as 7 domestic cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Xi’an to organize offline activities for recruitment, which have gained the answers and participation of families in different regions. As of now, more than one hundred families have completed the registration, of which there are several overseas families and dozens of ones from other domestic cities.

The Activity Site at Seoul

The Activity Site at the Canton Tower in Guangzhou

The Activity Site at the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower in Shanghai

Answer the “Global Call for Panda Lover” to Experience the “Papermaking Technology with the green poo-poo of Panda”

It is learned that the theme of this study tour is to make papers with green poo-poo of pandas. Through the study tour, participants can appreciate the beauty of paper making through ancient technique, and make their own “panda paper”.

In addition, participants can also enjoy interesting journeys such as bringing bamboos to pandas, cleaning up pandas’ poo-poo and watching scientific documentaries, so as to get close contact with pandas and learn more knowledge about them. After the event is over, participants will receive the “Certificate of Study Tour (Holiday Fun in Chengdu)” from the organizer.

How to participate in the study tour and get a free place? Of course — we will choose little friends who are really fond of giant pandas! If your child is cute, patient and loving, and has his/her own thoughts on environmental protection and panda protection, sign up for the activity now!


From now on to July 31, click the link (http://k8lez0n13kaktodg.mikecrm.com/KexWYEV) to fill in the relevant information, upload a parent-child photo and leave a passage, telling the story of your child and giant panda/environmental protection, you will have the opportunity to get free places! For parent-child families that get free places, our staff will contact you.

Experience Time and Place –

Time: Friday, August 2, 2019

Place: Dujiangyan Base, China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda (Chengdu, Sichuan)

Note: The number of participants of each family is limited to two persons (one adult and one child).

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