Voice Snap Makes an Impactful Mark by Covering 3000+ Schools in India

July 26 17:00 2019
Voice Snap, the leading voice based app is reaching greater heights by covering more than 3000 schools in India

Voice Snap, one of the leading voice based apps in India, is in news yet again with its remarkable achievement of covering 3000+ schools in India. Reports suggest that more and more schools are welcoming this innovative idea of connecting schools with the parents and the students.

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Voice Snap puts forward an innovative technology that aims to come up with solutions that are unique, efficient and effective. The solutions are a combination of voice, mobile, web and telephonic technologies under the same roof. Voice Snap’s Connect to School app leads in the forefront by offering highly efficient and innovative solutions with the use of cutting-edge technology. More and more schools and parents are advocating the use of Connect to School app. As the name itself implies, Connect to school bridges the gap between schools and parents by keeping them connected on a regular basis.

When quizzed about what makes Voice Snap’s Connect to School app different, the company spokesperson listed out the factors that Connect to School stand out from the rest:

Easier To Use

There are no complex mechanisms involved in Connect to School app mechanism. It is simple and easy to use. You just need to download the app from the playstore and start using it. The schools can simply dial the number and leave a message to the parents. The parents will receive the message in the form of a call. If they are not available to attend it, the app again calls the parent’s number after a definite time interval. The parents can also give a missed call back to that number and get the information related to their child.


The Connect to School app is highly innovative and offers complete traceability and accessibility for the schools who adopt them. This is one of the primary reasons over 3000 schools have chosen Voice Snap over others. Voice Snap breaks the digital and language barriers in an effective way and makes communication channels more efficient. The school teachers or management gets easy access to the parents anytime, any day using Connect to School.

Meet Challenges

There are many challenges involved in communication. For example, if the parent is not fluent in English and the school sends across messages in English, there can be issues of miscommunication. Voice Snap overcomes this barrier by offering communication facilities in different languages. The schools can also trace the messages and ensure that the parents have received the message on time.

“Voice Snap has taken over 3000 schools and more than 2 lakh students and parents are using Connect to School at the moment. We are receiving more and more enquiries from other schools and soon Voice Snap will spread its wings all over India and beyond,” the company spokesperson noted.

Voice Snap’s Connect to School app also comes with a great impact potential. It makes a green impact by reducing the usage of papers. It helps in reducing the number of paper circulars and thereby makes a green impact. It also makes a societal impact by encouraging a better relationship and communication between the schools and the parents. It makes an educational impact by promoting better education through proper channels of education. It makes a rural impact also by helping to reach out to parents in rural areas as they can also easily understand and communicate through voice based systems.

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About Voice Snap

Voice Snap is the leading voice based solution provider who offers solutions that helps in making communications easier and quicker. They make connections between schools and parents easier with their Connect to School App. They also provide a conference call app named Huddle for businesses to make their conference call communications easier.

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