The 1st Ludingshan Martial Cultural Tourism Week is about to open, the world set off a tribute to Jin Yong fever

July 26 18:48 2019

On July 19, a video of “Saluting the World of Chivalry and Mr. Jin Yong” in Times Square, New York, appeared, which attracted wide attention and reports at home and abroad.With the continuous fermentation of events, more and more martial arts fans spontaneously joined the relay action to pay tribute to Jin Yong.In China, from different cities, different fields of We-media, have put on martial arts costumes, took to the streets to pay tribute to Jin Yong, a time to brush the screen social network.

The small city of Huma in Heilongjiang Province, which launched the tribute campaign, and the upcoming “The 1st Ludingshan Martial Cultural Tourism Week” also announced their official appearance, triggering heated social discussion and expectations.

It is reported that in his later years, Mr. Jin Yong paid great attention to Luding Mountain in Huma, which is the masterpiece of Mr. Jin Yong’s book Lu Ding Ji, and expressed his affirmation and encouragement of the cultural value of Luding Mountain.

Mr. Jin Yong and Huma’s relationship between Chinese Knight-errant cultural finally ushered in an exciting moment. On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of Mr. Jin Yong’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the publication of Lu Ding Ji, Huma, in order to express his memory, respect and gratitude for Mr. Jin Yong, specially planned to hold the upcoming “The 1st Ludingshan Martial Cultural Tourism Week”,  with the global Jin Yong fans to gather together in Huma.

This series of tribute actions has aroused the cultural resonance of overseas Chinese and the growth memory of generations of Chinese, and has become the warm-up of the whole Chinese Knight-errant cultural tourism week.

Thewhole Chinese Knight-errant cultural tourism week will be held in Huma from July 26 to July 31.During this period, there will be a series of splendid martial arts cultural theme activities, such as martial arts music festival, martial arts open-air film exhibition, Jianghu Food Festival, Jianghu Market, Treasure hunting in the Luding Mountain and so on, so that tourists can immerse themselves in the mood of Mr. Jin Yong, immerse themselves in the situation of Chinese Knight-errant culture and feel the beauty of Luding Border Town.

Huma, pay tribute to Mr. Jin Yong, let the world understand China more enthusiastically; Tribute to the work of Lu Ding Ji, so that people can read Huma more enthusiastically. This July, we gathered in Ludingshan, Huma, to go to the Chinese Knight-errant cultural feast.

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