Chinese young contemporary artist Lin Wanshan – Exploring experimental media and multi-dimensional creation

July 26 02:30 2019

On July 24 2019, WanShan Lin, Chinese contemporary young artist, whose artwork appeared on the Nasdaq screen in New York’s Times Square with his Oriental Artist’s Face. As the youngest artist contemporary in China, it was the first time that Wanshan Lin demonstrated his new media art in the form of video. From day to night, the exhibition brought New York an artistic vision from the East and attracted thousands of gaze to the Nasdaq screen. It is the honor of contemporary artist in China and the pride that belongs to WanShan Lin, a contemporary Chinese artist. His imprint left on Times Square in New York will be immeasurable.

At the era with people stay away from the secular world, living conditions and dresses that live according to their own lifestyle without the heart of mercy to society. A post-90s new media artist, however, said he is a ‘Angry Young Man’ who sinks into a complex society to be unable restrain his mind to voice for this society when he saw the social problems that cannot be solved radically.

Art to Lin Wanshan just as water and air, apart from becoming an artist, he never imagined that life has a second possibility.  Once the teacher was asked by Wanshan Lin that what public art was. The teacher answered, “what happens in a public field is public art.” He thought it was too much of a gimmick. He took exception to the answer. After a trip to Italy, Wanshan Lin realized that he could not find an answer to art from any universities, thus he decided to find it by himself. He told himself: “I am an independent artist and only use the work to show myself.

‘People are the starting point for all rituals, the point of return and the point of feeling.’ – Lin Wanshan


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