Worcester’s Best Dental Company Bares Dental Implant Innovations that will Soon benefit the Many

July 26 00:33 2019

WORCESTER, MA – More and more people have already realized the importance of dental health and the overall impact it creates on their lives regardless if it is for a personal or professional level, the increasing number of people who are more conscious about their oral health has also paved the way for the field of dentistry to pivot itself in innovative technological advancements.

With that being said, it is not entirely surprising to learn that the American Academy of Implant Society has earned an estimated seven billion dollars last year from dental implants and dental cosmetic procedures in the United States.

The dental implant industry consistently creates more and more breakthroughs and finding more innovative ways in improving their product’s overall quality and standards, and indeed, the most recent developments in terms of dental technology have gone through dental implants which are now more appealing for everyone.

One of the best dentists in Maryland, and the Best dentist Worcester, The Union Dental have felt the positive impact of the increasing number of people who goes to their clinic to avail of the latest innovations for dental implants and other dental cosmetic procedures.

The Union Dental is composed of three of the best Dentist in Worcester in Dr. Tony Tong, Dr. Zhan Huang, and Dr. Matthew Devine. According to them, they are already planning to incorporate these new innovative dental procedures to their patients very soon, for the meantime, they are sharing some of the best innovations that they might soon offer.


1. Computer-designed implants – The ultimate goal of dental implant procedures for each patient is to achieve bone stability for each patient that undergoes the implant procedure. This is because the present state of the technology in dentistry results in bone loss which for dental experts cannot be avoided which leads to bone resorption and bone loss which poses a threat to a successful dental implant. Dental experts’ ultimate goal for this is to avoid any bone loss with this technology aiming to create the exact duplicate of the missing teeth that can easily be replaced in the mouth which will provide more advantage to the dentist by having a more effective and more efficient way to create dental implants.

2. Antibacterial Coating – This technological innovation is being developed for a possible antibacterial dental implant which will come as a coating product. This innovative dental product which is projected to be in development for a couple more years is aiming to increase the lifespan and the longevity of the Dental implants Worcester knowing that the patient is susceptible to damage the implants due to the food and drinks that the patient regular intakes which causes acid erosion to the dental enamel.

For the meantime, The Union Dental is trying their best to provide the best and latest dental technological tools available for everyone as these two notable dental innovations are still being developed. Services like Emergency dentist Worcester, Teeth whitening Worcester, and other dental procedures are being served to everyone.

If you are planning to visit one of The Union Dental’s Dentist Worcester, feel free to contact them at Phone: 774-420-2600 or Fax: 774-420-2602. You can also send them an email at Office Manager:

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For an appointment, you can go straight to their clinic located at 101 Pleasant St, Worcester, MA 01609, USA.

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