Humanities Airport: Beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Appeal of Ancient Chinese Culture

July 25 23:12 2019

“It’s amazing!” A foreign tourist marveled at the “movable-type printing” after experiencing.

On July 23, the day of the Great Heat (12th solar term), Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) held the summer cultural event, dubbed with “Beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Appeal of Ancient Chinese Culture” in three terminals to create a new scene at the national gateway. This event will last for four days in three terminals.

T3: Four themes serve to unfold the charms of the classic.

At Terminal 3, BCIA invited the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) to teach the craftsmanship to passengers arriving at the Airport for the purpose of inheriting the spirit of artisans, and enabling passengers to experience the beauty of ICH and feel the “humanity and art” of the great power at the national gateway.

BCIA has set four themes at this event, including “Movable-type Printing, Time-honored Culture”, “Art over Fingertip, Weaving Civilization”, “Hand-painted Dough Sculpture, Characters of Postures” and “Chinese Embroidery, Shinning Pearl”.

T2: A cosplay of Chinese style

At Terminal 2, BCIA has set up the “Peking Opera Mask Wall” for the event to present the classic characters of Peking Opera. “Any shooting comes like a blockbuster, and any pose attracts the crowd” at the event. Besides, passengers can enjoy a cosplay of Chinese style with Beijing Opera costumes on, and take photos.

T1: Experience the techniques of cool-enjoying of the ancients

At Terminal 1, BCIA has conducted a live experience of “painting folding fans” at the event, depicting the coolness of this summer with color. It is worth mentioning that if the passengers are on a too tight schedule to experience the live events, they can also collect free gifts at the scene.  

“Family Culture” activities will roll out

In recent years, as the “first national gateway of China”, BCIA has been shouldering the responsibility of fulfilling social responsibilities and carrying the mission of presenting the image of China to the whole world, and also works as a faithful inheritor and promoter of the excellent traditional Chinese culture. This event integrates colorful ICH culture with new technologies and new trends, receiving favorable comments from domestic and foreign passengers.

Meanwhile, this event creates an original ICH cultural feast for tourists, becoming the “paradise of fashionable entertainment” of this summer. BCIA will continue to launch a series of cultural activities to inherit the Chinese culture, strengthen the cultural confidence, help the airport construction of humanities, create a new scene of national gateway, and give passengers a pleasant experience by means of wonderful cultural feasts.

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