The market opens a new era – the innovated securities currency CTB (CoalToken Bulish) came into being!

July 25 21:54 2019

The market opens a new era-the innovated securities currency CTB (CoalToken Bulish) came into being!  As a pioneer on the road of market innovation, CTB’s strong advantage over the traditional currency lies in its solid coal mine assets as the entity background, solid foundation support from the coal mine industry, and it is imperative to expand the market.

CTB will land in the Korean market Tuesday! CTB’s global sales team consists of many industry elites will arrive in South Korea on July 22 to prepare the early landing of CTB in Korea. From the afternoon of July 22nd to the 26th, the CTB global sales team will hold talks with the investors of both sides to formally transfer and open the way for cooperation between the two parties. From July 29th to August 2nd, the CTB global sales team will formally sign a cooperation agreement with investors to finalize the issue and push the CTB Korea market to a climax.

The recruitment time for CTB landing in Korea is about 3 weeks. After a long period of accumulation, the CTB team is fully prepared. Waiting for the opportunity to start action, fully prepared for all forces to do a good job, it is bound to bring a new win-win situation for the currency market again.

CTB (Coaltoken Bullish) is an innovated securities currency backed by coal mine assets. It is different from the past digital currency.

Securities currency: refers to the strict transparency and securities regulatory requirements of listed companies, providing investors with greater power, protection and expectations, and clarifying the obligations of CTB issuers.

Coal mine asset support: Since Bitcoin and other traditional cryptocurrencies are not asset-backed currencies, their prices are unstable and may even fall by 99%. In contrast, CTB is a coal mine asset support token. This means that the price of CTB should not be lower than the spot price of coal.

Investor Confidence and Transparency: Investors can make wise decisions based on a large number of public reports and assessments. In addition, CTB (CoalToken Bullish) will be supported by coal produced by mining companies listed in politically and economically stable countries such as Canada and the United States.

Investment flexibility: CTB is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain to meet ERC20 technology and security standards. CTB holders can trade on secondary exchanges.

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