Compass Counselling & Psychological Services is Recognized as the Best Marriage Counselling Centre

July 24 10:30 2019
Compass Counselling & Psychological Services is Recognized as the Best Marriage Counselling Centre

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With over 14 years of experience, Compass Counselling & Psychological Services is recognized as the best marriage counselling centre in Sydney.

Sydney, New South Wales – July 23, 2019 – Paula Polhill is a skilled Psychologist, and director of Compass Counselling & Psychological Services offers marriage counselling and individual counselling in Sydney.

Relationship Counselling in Sydney

When asked about their services on marriage counselling in Sydney, “Paula is an experienced and passionate therapist offering relationship counselling in Sydney, Gladesville. Paula has helped hundreds of Couples reconnect and fall in love with each other all over again through teaching some simple and effective evidence-based strategies,” replied the spokesperson of Compass Counselling & Psychological Services.

As a goal-focused therapist, Paula creates positive lasting changes in as little as 4-6 sessions for Couples who have become disconnected and believe they’re on the brink of separation and divorce.

She also continues, “No marriage or relationship is perfect. We can all argue at times and experience stressful life-events that put a strain on our relationship. However, some conflicts and life-stressors can outweigh our ability to deal with them effectively. It doesn’t cause relationships to deteriorate; rather, it’s usually our approach to trying to solve the issues, by using unhelpful strategies that lead to further deterioration and relationship distress.”

Research says, the negative communication styles predict relationship failure with 90% accuracy, as the ongoing frustration, hurt, resent and disconnection results at the end of the relationship.

“Paula has helped hundreds of couples re-ignite their connection, have created an even deeper, more meaningful and intimate relationship than before. For many couples, only 4-6 sessions are needed to start experiencing positive changes in their relationship – an investment well worth making before the relationship further deteriorates beyond repair. So, if you are in search of relationship counselling in Sydney, contact us to make an appointment now,” concluded the spokesperson of Compass Counselling & Psychological Services.

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Compass Counselling & Psychological Services is one of a leading marriage counselling centre in Sydney that helps you, and your partner recognize and resolve relationship conflicts. To learn more, visit

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