Why Freight Trucking and Shipping is Always about the Right Trailer for the Right Job

July 23 19:20 2019

Today there are many different products to ship which require unique transport methods to arrive at their destinations. This is a far cry from the past where transport meant an item was going to be shipped in a big, metal box and that was about it. Today, there are several ways to get a product to its destination and according to its own needs:

Chassis Trailers – These are the behemoths that many people see on roads and range from twenty to forty feet long. The chassis trailer is designed to handle the tough jobs of transport. This may be transporting vehicles, large pallets of products, or a host of other things that most other modes of transport couldn’t take.

Dry Vans – This is the standard mode of transport usually seen on the road. This is the large truck that is still all one piece and without a full, detachable trailer. Dry Vans transport is a simple, cost-effective way of shipping something that doesn’t require any special arrangements, like temperature control.

Flatbeds – These are the big trucks that literally have a flat surface behind them. This is the mode of transport that usually involves the item being safely secured to the flatbed. It also allows for a number of customizations, including full and less truckloads and even over dimension loads.

Intermodal Containers – This is along the lines of a “do not open” form of transport where the product being shipped can be put into one versatile container. That container can then be shipped by air, land, and sea without it ever being opened! This is a tough container that can handle just about anything one can throw at it.

Mobile Storage and Warehousing Trailers – This is the more DIY style of transport that an individual can sign out and then use to transport across the country, park on their property, or use the short or long term storage services of businesses like RoadLINX.

Temperature Controlled Trailers – Versatility is the name of these interesting containers. When people think of temperature controlled, their impulse is to think of refrigeration, but these incredible containers can keep things both cold and hot! Not only that, but they actually have up to three different compartments within each container, so that one can be hot and another can be kept cold at the same time.

With so many different options available for shipping now, shipping has become all about the right trailer for the right job.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is one of the most dedicated trucking and shipping companies in Canada and the U.S. This company also has intermodal services and is interested in providing a personalized approach to serving its clients. This is evidenced by the many options for containers it provides for all of its customers for both storage and transport of freight across North America. Its diverse staff of professionals is specialized in bringing efficient logistics to everyone it serves. RoadLINX is based in Vaughan, Ontario.

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