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July 23 07:18 2019


Hair follicle is the basis on which hair grows. Lying between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, it consists of follicular infundibulum, follicular isthmus and the underpart of the hair follicle. As small tissue organs, hair follicles play pivotal roles. Hair grows by absorbing nutrients from the body through hair follicles. The epithelial cells of the hair follicle tissue can divide, multiply, and keep the hair updating and growing. However, hair follicles will gradually shrink with age, disease or external stimuli, eventually leading to hair loss.

So, how should we protect the hair follicles from damage and alleviate the hair loss?

The following are four tips about how to maintain hair follicles.

First, avoid frequent hair perming or hair dyeing. When the shaping agent and the dyeing agent penetrate into the hair through the hair follicles, their alkaline components and the oxidation will destroy the hair scales, irritating and inflaming hair follicles and causes a lot of damage to them. In the long run, it will cause severe shrinkage of hair follicles, making hair thinner, and even leading to hair loss.

Second, regularly massage the scalp to keep the nutrients supply channel (capillary vessels) unblocked. The numerous tiny capillaries supply oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles and promote the metabolism of the scalp. The capillaries distributed in a network with an average diameter of less than 0.01 mm, and the fine blood vessels are extremely likely to cause poor blood circulation, atrophying and occluding. Therefore, massage the scalp for 10 to 20 minutes per day, which can promote blood circulation of the scalp.

Third, gain adequate sleep. Good quality sleep promotes the metabolism of hair follicles and keeps the hair grow healthily. Chronic sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep will directly affect the absorption of nutrients in follicular cells, thereby affecting the growth rate of hair.

Fourth, clean hair well. If the hair is not cleaned thoroughly for a long term, the scalp will be dirty and a lot of bacteria will accumulate on it. At the same time, hair follicles are also greatly affected. They will constantly produce toxins due to metabolism. All of this adds a heavy burden to the scalp. Therefore, people are supposed to clean their scalps well.

feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo is an amino acid shampoo whose foaming agent is extracted from natural coconut oil, which is safe for the environment and organisms, and has affinity for the scalp. The shampoo will not stimulate the scalp because it is weakly acidic and cleans hair in a mild way. What’s more, having an effective detergency, it will leave people with refreshing scalps.

The shampoo has adopted ginger root oil that contains gingerol and zingerene, which can promote blood circulation in the scalp, improve the metabolism of it, activate hair follicle tissues, and effectively prevent hair loss. In addition, tea tree leaf oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, hydrolyzed keratin and nicotinamide have also been added to this product to nourish hair and strengthen hair roots.

Taking care of hair follicles from the above four aspects and make your hair grow healthily.

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