EAORON: An Australian cosmetic legend admired by president

July 23 06:42 2019

In Australia that is mainly supported by its service industry, a competitive makeup brand drew a lot of attention. EAORON, an Australian-born cosmetic brand, has not only ranked the first place in the whole makeup market for many years, even the Australian government thinks highly of it. The former Australian presidents JOHN HOWARD, TONY ABBOTT and the current president SCOTT MORRISON have once showed up in their activities, and recognized the remarkable contributions the brand has made to the cosmetic sector of Australia.

After visiting the major makeup selling centers in Australia in person, reporters found that the products of EAORON were placed at the most conspicuous spot in the particular area of the biggest chain supermarkets and chain pharmacy stores.

A sale consultant from the biggest chain pharmacy store in Australia——Chemist Warehouse, said, “The sale volume of the makeup products of EAORON is the highest compared with other makeup brands. Both of the local residents and tourists from other places love this series. And even many CW pharmacists who are familiar with the ingredients of makeup products are loyal fans of this brand.”  

“EAORON is our biggest cosmetic partner. It has not only been the makeup bestseller for the last three years, and also was selected as the “must-buy products in Australia”. Gloria, the brand manager of the biggest supermarket in Australia – Woolworths told reporter, “EAORON is the pride of the whole Australian makeup industry, and three presidents have signed their names for the brand, which is the biggest recognition and makes it a virtually famous cosmetic brand among the Australian people. Frankly speaking, it represents the highest level of the Australian cosmetic sector.”

In 2016, EAORON became the export champion among other makeup brands of Australia; in 2017, EAORON officially entered into American market … As the fastest-growing enterprise in Australian cosmetic industry, EAORON has successfully expanded its business to more than 20 countries and areas like China, America, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates. A professional commenter in this industry said, “As a grand makeup brand with the top sale volume, EAORON helped upgrade the Australian cosmetic sector on its own, ending the history that Australia had no global makeup brands.”

The professional commenter mentioned above reckoned that, “The reason why the three Australian presidents would sign for and admire EAORON is not just because of its top sale volume and the export championship, the most essential reason is EAORON filled the blank that the country had no globally-known makeup brand, and leads the country to develop international market through its best medical skincare research fruit.”   

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